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Title: Hip-Hoppers of Bogotá
Authors: Uribe Sarmiento, John Jairo
Keywords: Political spectacle
Youth cultures
Discourse analysis
Issue Date: 3-Apr-2019
Publisher: Advances in Discourse Analysis
Citation: John Jairo Uribe Sarmiento (April 3rd 2019). Between Rebellion and the Spectacle: Analysis of the Songs of the Hip-Hoppers of Bogotá, Advances in Discourse Analysis, Lavinia Suciu, IntechOpen
Abstract: This chapter analyzes the lyrics of the songs of hip-hoppers from Bogotá. Such analysis privileges the way such songs are staged, as well as the tensions that emerge between their proposal of social mobilization and the show. In effect, the spectacle is constituted at the same time, in a tool of mobilization, as in an obstacle that deactivates the hip-hoppers’ discourse. There are three key narrative axes: the presentation of street life; the critique of social order; and the memory of hip-hop itself in Bogotá. Through these narrative strategies, young people build a representation of themselves, their reality, and their work.
ISBN: 978-1-78985-758-0
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