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Title: Cell-size dependent progression of the cell cycle creates homeostasis and flexibility of plant cell size
Authors: Jones, Angharad R.
Forero, Manuel G.
Withers, Simon P.
Smith, Richard S.
Traas, Jan
Dewitte, Walter
Murray, James A. H.
Keywords: Cell division
Issue Date: 27-Apr-2017
Publisher: Nature Communications
Citation: Jones, A. R. et al. Cell-size dependent progression of the cell cycle creates homeostasis and flexibility of plant cell size. Nat. Commun. 8, 15060
Abstract: Mean cell size at division is generally constant for specific conditions and cell types, but the mechanisms coupling cell growth and cell cycle control with cell size regulation are poorly understood in intact tissues. Here we show that the continuously dividing fields of cells within the shoot apical meristem of Arabidopsis show dynamic regulation of mean cell size dependent on developmental stage, genotype and environmental signals. We show cell size at division and cell cycle length is effectively predicted using a two-stage cell cycle model linking cell growth and two sequential cyclin dependent kinase (CDK) activities, and experimental results concur in showing that progression through both G1/S and G2/M is size dependent. This work shows that cell-autonomous co-ordination of cell growth and cell division previously observed in unicellular organisms also exists in intact plant tissues, and that cell size may be an emergent rather than directly determined property of cells.
ISSN: 2041-1723
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