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Title: Low-Cost Alternative for the Measurement of Water Levels in Surface Water Streams
Authors: Peña, Luis E.
Murcia Moreno, Harold Fabián
Londoño, William
Botina, Helman
Keywords: Measurement level gauging station
Level water monitoring
Ultrasonic sensor
Data transmission
Issue Date: 30-Dec-2017
Publisher: Sensors & Transducers
Citation: Peña, Luis E; Murcia, Harold; Londoño, William and Botina, Helman. Sensors & Transducers; Toronto ,Vol 217 N.º 11, (Nov 2017): 36-44.
Abstract: Flood risk management and water resources planning involve a deep knowledge of surface streams so that mitigation strategies and climate change adaptations can be implemented. Commercially, there is a wide range of technologies for the measurement of hydroclimatic variables; however, many of these technologies may not be affordable for institutions with limited budgets. This paper has two main objectives: 1) present the design of an ultrasound-based water level measurement system, and 2) propose a methodological alternative for the development of instruments, according to the needs of institutions conducting monitoring of surface waterbodies. To that end, the proposed methodology is based on selection processes defined according to the specific needs of each waterbody. The prototype was tested in real-world scale, with the potential to obtain accurate measurements. Lastly, we present the design of the ultrasound-based water level measurement instrument, which can be built at a low cost. Low-cost instruments can potentially contribute to the sustainable instrumental autonomy of environmental entities and help define measurement and data transmission standards based on the specific requirements of the monitoring.
ISSN: 1726-5479
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