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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09-07Sliding Mode Control of the Isolated Bridgeless SEPIC High Power Factor Rectifier Interfacing an AC Source with a LVDC Distribution BusLópez-Santos, Oswaldo; Cabeza-Cabeza, Alejandro J.; García, Germain; Martinez-Salamero, Luis
2019-11-08A Unified Multimode Control of a DC–DC Interlinking Converter Integrated into a Hybrid MicrogridLópez-Santos, Oswaldo; Aldana-Rodríguez, Yeison Alejandro; García, Germain; Martínez-Salamero, Luis
2017-10-01Emulation of a Photovoltaic Module Using a Wiener-Type Nonlinear Impedance Controller for Tracking of the Operation PointLópez-Santos, Oswaldo; Merchán-Riveros, María C.; Salas-Castaño, Maria C.; Londoño, William; García, Germain
2018-05-15Analysis, Design and Implementation of a Static Conductance-Based MPPT MethodLópez-Santos, Oswaldo; García, Germain; Martinez-Salamero, Luis; Giral, Roberto; Vidal-Idiarte, Enric; Merchán-Riveros, María C.; Moreno-Guzman, Yamel
2018-09-13Event-Triggered Digital Implementation of MPPT for Integration of PV Generators in DC Buses of MicrogridsLópez-Santos, Oswaldo; Merchán-Riveros, María C.; García, Germain
2018-09-13Adaptive Sampling Frequency Synchronized Reference Generator for Grid Connected Power ConvertersLópez-Santos, Oswaldo; Tilaguy-Lezama, Sebastián; García, Germain
2017-10-01Hybrid control scheme for a half-bridge inverterAlbea Sanchez, Carolina; López-Santos, Oswaldo; Zambrano-Prada, David; Gordillo, Francisco; García, Germain
2020-07-17Double Sliding-Surface Multiloop Control Reducing Semiconductor Voltage Stress on the Boost InverterLópez-Santos, Oswaldo; García, Germain
2021-01-11A Unified Approach for the Control of Power Electronics Converters. Part I—Stabilization and RegulationGarcía, Germain; López-Santos, Oswaldo
2018-10-05On the Practical Stability of Hybrid Control Algorithm With Minimum Dwell Time for a DC-AC ConverterAlbea Sanchez, Carolina; López-Santos, Oswaldo; Gordillo, Francisco; Zambrano-Prada, David; García, Germain