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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-10-19Determination of Rutin in Black Tea by Adsorption Voltammetry (AdV) in the Presence of Morin and QuercetinNagles, Edgar; García-Beltrán, Olimpo
2017-12-15Development of an iron-selective antioxidant probe with protective effects on neuronal functionGarcía-Beltrán, Olimpo; Mena, Natalia P.; Aguirre, Pabla; Barriga-González, Germán; Galdámez, Antonio; Nagles, Edgar; Adasme, Tatiana; Hidalgo, Cecilia; Núñez, Marco T.
2017-11-18Evaluation of the usefulness of a novel electrochemical sensor in detecting uric acid and dopamine in the presence of ascorbic acid using a screen-printed carbon electrode modified with single walled carbon nanotubes and ionic liquidsNagles, Edgar; García-Beltrán, Olimpo; Calderón, Jorge A.
2017-11-11New combination between chitosan, single walled carbon nanotubes and neodymium(III) oxide found to be useful in the electrochemical determination of rutin in the presence of morin and quercetinCalderón, Jorge A.; Cardozo-Pérez, María; Torres-Benítez, Alfredo; García-Beltrán, Olimpo; Nagles, Edgar
2017-12-15Mission Power and Firm Financial PerformanceGodoy Bejarano, Jesús; Téllez, Diego
2018-02-08Towards a novel model for studying the nutritional stage dynamics of the Colombian population by age and socioeconomic statusMeisel, Jose D.; Sarmiento, Olga L.; Olaya, Camilo; Lemoine, Pablo D.; Valdivia, Juan A.; Zarama, Roberto
2018-03-03Biodegradation of rice straw under anaerobic digestionCandia-García, Cristian; Delgadillo-Mirquez, Liliana; Hernández, Mauricio
2018-03-02A new and simple electroanalytical method to detect thiomersal in vaccines on a screen-printed electrode modified with chitosanGonzález, Camila; García-Beltrán, Olimpo; Nagles, Edgar
2018-03-13Enhanced blue photoluminescence of B2O3-CaF2 glass-ceramics containing silver nanoparticlesNaranjo, Luz Patricia; De Araujo, Cid B.
2018-05-11Prospective scenarios for regional development in Bolivar, Colombia: Great Vision study 2014-2064Velandia Silva, César Augusto