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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-04-10Detection of Sunset Yellow by Adsorption Voltammetry at Glassy Carbon Electrode Modified with ChitosanGarcía-Beltrán, Olimpo; Nagles, Edgar; Peña-Gonzalez, Andres
2017-07-12Simultaneous Determination of Lead and Cadmium by Stripping Voltammetry Using in-situ Mercury Film Glassy Carbon Electrode Coated with Nafion-Macrocyclic EsterLara, Jesid; Torres, Juan F.; García-Beltrán, Olimpo; Nagles, Edgar; Hurtado, John
2018-05-10Electochemical detection of imidacloprid using a screen printed single walled carbon nanotubes coated with and ionic liquidsRiver-Guzman, Karla; Franco, Lida Marcela; García-Beltrán, Olimpo; Calderón, Jorge A.; Nagles, Edgar
2018-05-02Determination of Rutin in Drinks Using an Electrode Modified with Carbon Nanotubes-Prussian BlueNagles, Edgar; Penagos-Llanos, Johisner; García-Beltrán, Olimpo; Hurtado, John
2017-01-12Development of an Electrochemical Sensor to Detect Dopamine and Ascorbic Acid Based on Neodymium (III) Oxide and ChitosanNagles, Edgar; Calderón, Jorge A.; García-Beltrán, Olimpo
2018-09-21Development of a Novel Electrochemical Sensor Based on a Carbon Paste Electrode Decorated with Nd2O3 for the Simultaneous Detection of Tartrazine and Sunset YellowMarquez‐Mariño, Karen; Penagos-Llanos, Johisner; García-Beltrán, Olimpo; Nagles, Edgar; Hurtado, John
2017-06-01Synthesis, crystal structure, catalytic and anti-Trypanosoma cruzi activity of a new chromium(III) complex containing bis(3,5-dimethylpyrazol-1-yl)methaneHurtado, John; Ibarra, Laura; Yepes, David; García-Huertas, Paola; Macías, Mario; Triana-Chavez, Omar; Nagles, Edgar; Suescun, Leopoldo; Muñoz-Castro, Alvaro
2018-05-26Voltammetric determination of amaranth and tartrazine with a new double-stranded copper(I) helicate-single-walled carbon nanotube modified screen printed electrodeNuñez-Dallos, Nelson; Macías, Mario; García-Beltrán, Olimpo; Calderón, Jorge A.; Nagles, Edgar; Hurtado, John
2018-08-13Development of Antibacterial and Antifungal Triazole Chromium(III) and Cobalt(II) Complexes: Synthesis and Biological Activity EvaluationsNagles, Edgar; Murcia, Ricardo A.; Leal, Sandra M.; Roa, Martha V.; Muñoz-Castro, Alvaro; Hurtado, John
2018-05-10UHPLC-ESI-ORBITRAP-MS analysis of the native Mapuche medicinal plant palo negro (Leptocarpha rivularis DC. – Asteraceae) and evaluation of its antioxidant and cholinesterase inhibitory propertiesJiménez-González, Andrea; Quispe, Cristina; Bórquez, Jorge; Sepúlveda, Beatriz; Riveros, Felipe; Areche, Carlos; Nagles, Edgar; García-Beltrán, Olimpo; Simirgiotis, Mario