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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07-09Exploring the Potential Energy Surface of Trimetallic Deltahedral Zintl Ions: Lowest-Energy [Sn6Ge2Bi]3– and [(Sn6Ge2Bi)2]4– StructuresBáez-Grez, Rodrigo; Garza, Jorge; Vásquez-Espinal, Alejandro; Osorio, Edison; Rabanal-León, Walter A.; Yañez, Osvaldo; Tiznado, William
2019-11-01Antiaging activity, molecular docking, and prediction of percutaneous absorption parameters of quinoline–hydrazone hybridsOsorio, Edison; Bravo, Karent; Cardona, Wilson; Yepes, Andrés; Osorio, Edison H.; Coa, Juan C.
2019-04-03Carbon rings decorated with group 14 elements: new aromatic clusters containing planar tetracoordinate carbonYañez, Osvaldo; Vásquez-Espinal, Alejandro; Báez-Grez, Rodrigo; Rabanal-León, Walter A.; Osorio, Edison; Ruiz, Lina; Tiznado, William
2019-11-27Theoretical Study of the Antioxidant Activity of Quercetin Oxidation ProductsVásquez-Espinal, Alejandro; Yañez, Osvaldo; Osorio, Edison; Areche, Carlos; García-Beltrán, Olimpo; Ruiz, Lina María; Cassels, Bruce K.; Tiznado, William
2019-10-28Structural, thermodynamic and kinetic factors in the desorption/absorption of a hydrogen molecule in the M3AlH10−xNa (M = Be or Mg; x = 0 or 2) hydridesOsorio, Edison; García-Beltrán, Olimpo; Giraldo, Carolin; Ferraro, Franklin; Hadad, Cacier
2020-06-16Unique magnetic shielding and bonding in Pnicogen nortricyclane Zintl clustersParida, Rakesh; Reddy, G. Naresh; Osorio, Edison; Muñoz-Castro, Alvaro; Giri, Santanab
2020-01-10Revisiting the Rearrangement of Dewar ThiophenesGómez, Sara; Osorio, Edison; Dzib, Eugenia; Islas, Rafael; Restrepo, Albeiro; Merino, Gabriel
2020-04-30Chemical Profiling and Cholinesterase Inhibitory Activity of Five Phaedranassa Herb. (Amaryllidaceae) Species from EcuadorMoreno, Raúl; Tallini, Luciana R.; Salazar, Cristina; Osorio, Edison; Montero, Evelin; Bastida, Jaume; Oleas, Nora H.; Acosta León, Karen