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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07-22A Single-Phase Transformer-Based Cascaded Asymmetric Multilevel Inverter With Balanced Power DistributionLopez-Santos, Oswaldo; Jacanamejoy-Jamioy, Carlos A.; Salazar-D’Antonio, Diego F.; Corredor-Ramírez, Julian R.; García, Germain; Martinez-Salamero, Luis
2013-10-31Comparison of quadratic boost topologies operating under sliding-mode controlLopez-Santos, Oswaldo; Martínez-Salamero, Luis; García, Germain; Valderrama-Blavi, Hugo; Sierra-Polanco, Tomás
2013-01-11Sliding-mode indirect control of the quadratic boost converter operating in continuous conduction mode or discontinuous conduction modeLopez-Santos, Oswaldo; García, Germain; Martínez-Salamero, Luis; Valderrama-Blavi, Hugo
2013-01-11Digital control of a single-phase boost rectifier with power factor correction using a dsPICLopez-Santos, Oswaldo; Murcia, Harold; Barrero, John Mauricio
2013-09-02Sliding-mode control of a transformer-less dual-stage grid-connected photovoltaic micro-inverterLopez-Santos, Oswaldo; Martínez-Salamero, Luis; García, Germain; Valderrama-Blavi, Hugo
2013-02-01Efficiency Analysis of a Sliding-Mode Controlled Quadratic Boost ConverterLopez-Santos, Oswaldo; Martínez-Salamero, Luis; García, Germain; Valderrama-Blavi, Hugo; Mercuri, Daniel O.
2013-10-01Educational applications of interactive tools to analyze, design, and simulate d.c.-d.c power convertersLopez-Santos, Oswaldo; Rico Pinto, Andrés Mauricio
2013-09-30Digitally implemented sliding-mode control of a single-phase dual-boost PFC rectifierLopez-Santos, Oswaldo; Barrero, Jhon M.