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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-02-13Non-destructive Phenotyping to Identify Brachiaria Hybrids Tolerant to Waterlogging Stress under Field ConditionsJiménez, Juan de la Cruz; Cardoso, Juan A.; Leiva, Luisa F.; Gil, Juanita; Forero, Manuel G.; Worthington, Margaret L; Miles, John W; Rao, Idupulapati M
2017-08-28Kek-6: A truncated-Trk-like receptor for Drosophila neurotrophin 2 regulates structural synaptic plasticityUlian-Benitez, Suzana; Bishop, Simon; Foldi, Istvan; Wentzell, Jill; Okenwa, Chinenye; Forero, Manuel G.; Zhu, Bangfu; Moreira, Marta; Phizacklea, Mark; McIlroy, Graham; Li, Guiyi; Gay, Nicholas; Hidalgo, Alicia
2017-07-27A Tuning Method for Diatom Segmentation TechniquesRojas Camacho, Oswaldo; Forero, Manuel G.; Menéndez, José Manuel
2017-04-27Cell-size dependent progression of the cell cycle creates homeostasis and flexibility of plant cell sizeJones, Angharad R.; Forero, Manuel G.; Withers, Simon P.; Smith, Richard S.; Traas, Jan; Dewitte, Walter; Murray, James A. H.
2019-10-01Automatic Fault Detection in a Cascaded Transformer Multilevel Inverter Using Pattern Recognition TechniquesSalazar-D’antonio, Diego; Meneses-Casas, Nohora; Forero, Manuel G.; López-Santos, Oswaldo
2020-08-24A new method for detecting brain fibrosis in microscopy images using the neurocysticercosis pig modelForero, Manuel G.; Lozano, Juan J.; Baquedano, Laura E.; Bustos, Javier A.; García, H. H.
2020-08-21Automatic classification of citrus aurantifolia based on digital image processing and pattern recognitionTuesta-Monteza, Victor; Alcarazo, Freddy; Mejiá-Cabrera, Heber I.; Forero, Manuel G.
2020-08-24Comparison of cell contour closing methods in microscopy imagesForero, Manuel G.; La Cruz, Alexandra; Español, Jorge; Urrego, Diego
2020-08-24Comparative analysis of inpainting techniques based on sparse models and isophote comparisonForero, Manuel G.; Miranda, Sergio L.; Pinilla, María J.
2020-08-21Comparative study of point cloud registration techniques between ICP and othersMéndez, Dehyro; Forero, Manuel G.; Murcía, Harold F.