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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09-19Modeling and experimental validation of the vibration in an unbalance multi-stage rotorAraque De Los Ríos, Óscar Javier; Cruz, Wilmar; Arzola, Nelson
2019-06-27Computational modeling of fatigue crack propagation in butt welded joints subjected to axial loadAraque, Oscar; Arzola, Nelson; Varón, Omar
2019-07-11Fatigue Behavior of ASTM A36 Steel Considering the Influence of Cutting ParametersBecerra, Rubén; Arzola, Nelson; Araque, Oscar
2018-01-05Weld Magnification Factor Approach in Cruciform Joints Considering Post Welding Cooling Medium and Weld Size.Araque de los Ríos, Óscar; Arzola, Nelson
2018-04-12The Effect of Weld Reinforcement and Post-Welding Cooling Cycles on Fatigue Strength of Butt-Welded Joints under Cyclic Tensile LoadingAraque de los Ríos, Óscar; Arzola, Nelson; Hernández, Edgar
2018-07-12Structural Integrity of Welded Joints Subject to Fatigue LoadsAraque de los Ríos, Óscar; Arzola, Nelson
2020-02-28Experimental Study on the Mechanical Properties of Biomass Briquettes from a Mixture of Rice Husk and Pine SawdustNiño, Andrés; Arzola, Nelson; Araque, Oscar
2013-08-01Prediction of fatigue life for a transverse fillet welded joint and analysis of the influence of crack eccentricity on the failureArzola, Nelson; Araque, Oscar
2020-12-12The effects of moisture content, fiber length and compaction time on African oil palm empty fruit bunches briquette quality parametersCabrales, Huber; Arzola, Nelson; Araque, Oscar
2022-03-18Mechanical Behavior of Briquettes Made from a Mixture of Sawdust and Rice Husks for CommercializationAraque, Oscar; Arzola, Nelson; Gallego, Laura