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    Diagnóstico empresarial y plan estratégico para la empresa Medicadiz S.A.S.
    (Universidad de Ibagué., 2020) Duque González, Kelly Alejandra; González Ospina, Guillermo Alberto
    This document entitled as "Business Diagnosis and Strategic Plan for the Medicadiz S.A.S." developed by the student Kelly Alejandra Duque González, who is aspiring to the professional title of Business Administration for the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences. In which a research process was developed with the use of a tool known as "Business Diagnostic Module", which was complemented with other analysis tools such as an evaluation matrix of external and internal factors, a versus between both factors, Matrix of strategic position and evaluation of the action and finally a SWOT matrix, which contained all the matrices and information that was previously collected in order to formulate strategies in favor of establishing strategic planning, which was achieved through devising objectives strategies, a mission, a vision, an action plan and a CAME matrix, all those analysis tools, will help to successfully complete the document and the research that was carried out on the company Medicadiz SAS, which will serve in the future for those interested In knowing how to complete a process of these in any organization or as those responsible for the company, it can be They are interested in improving in a certain way the strategic planning that they currently have.
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    Modelo metodológico para la medición del clima organizacional en la Universidad de Ibagué
    (Universidad de Ibagué., 2020) Arias Bernal, Beyanid; López Salazar, Daniel Andrés; Vargas Montealegre, Alba Ruth
    This methodological design for measuring the organizational climate at the University of Ibague, allows the institution to identify situations that may be positively or negatively affecting the performance of collaborators and design strategies based on the analysis of collaborators satisfaction. The work is based on a theoretical review leading to the design of a manual and a proposed instrument for measuring organizational climate, which together with its instructions for application and interpretation of results, may serve as support for decision-making related with the welfare of the workers.
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    Prospectiva de las amenazas contra la salud en Iberoamérica al año 2050
    (Universidad de Ibagué. Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Administrativas. Programa de Administración de Empresas, 2020) Varón Cabezas, Nicolás; Conde Pinzón, Laura Ximena; Mejía Rincón, Paola Henoe; González Ospina, Guillermo Alberto
    Latin America faces great challenges for the welfare of its population, health is a determining factor for development of this region. The aim of this research is a prospective exercise of health threats in Iberoamerica 2050 using various prospective and strategic tools, plus analysis of the current state and the mega global trends in economic, social, cultural fields, environmental and politicians who served as an initial plan to identify relevant factors change for the sector. Additionally, through a process of technological surveillancere viewing findings and patents scienciometric other factors determined change in technology that will affect the health of Latin America sector over the next 30 years.