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Title: Vein monitor
Authors: Forero, Manuel G.
Gallo, Luisa F.
Rodríguez, Laura A.
Martínez, Santiago
López, Nicolás A.
Valencia-M., Paula A.
Keywords: Vascular system
Veins localization
Infrared detection
Venoclysis equipment
Veins visualization
Issue Date: 24-Aug-2020
Publisher: Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
Citation: Manuel G. Forero, Luisa F. Gallo, Laura A. Rodríguez, Santiago Martínez, Nicolás A. López, and Paula A. Valencia-M. "Vein monitor", Proc. SPIE 11510, Applications of Digital Image Processing XLIII, 115101O (21 August 2020);
Abstract: Properly visualizing a patient's vascular system for the location of veins to place a catheter or take a blood sample is a delicate and laborious task, especially when the patient has a particular condition that does not facilitate this work using classic techniques, i.e. it is not easy to visualize the veins, since they do not sprout when the subject's arm is held with a tourniquet, which can be traumatic and painful for the user since several venipunctures may be necessary before a vein is located. To solve this problem and improve the patient's experience during the venipuncture, in this paper we propose the development of a low-cost prototype for the visualization of the vascular system. For this purpose, some commercial visualizers were studied, and different types of lighting and filters related to the images of the vascular system were explored. The described design uses a simple web camera modified for visualization, together with an interface that allows connection to a computer, where the video is processed, allowing through digital image processing techniques the visualization in real time of the subject's veins through the computer screen. As a result, a prototype similar to the commercial ones was obtained, with a cost of less than 10% of a commercial equipment and very similar image quality characteristics.
ISSN: 0277-786X
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