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Title: Organizational learning and the effective management of complexity
Authors: Reyes Alvarado, Alfonso
Keywords: Context
Economic indicators
Indium phosphide
Issue Date: 13-Oct-2011
Publisher: Proceedings of 2011 IEEE International Conference on Grey Systems and Intelligent Services
Citation: R. A. Alfonso, "Organizational learning and the effective management of complexity," Proceedings of 2011 IEEE International Conference on Grey Systems and Intelligent Services, Nanjing, 2011, pp. 914-918.
Abstract: An experience of a profound change in the structure of a small non-for-profit private university in Colombia will be used to show the relationship between organizational learning and the need to improve its management of complexity [Beer 1979; 1985; Espejo 1992; Espejo & Reyes 2011]. Organizational learning relates to processes increasing an organization's capacity for effective action in a particular domain.Organizations learn through their individuals, however, individual learning does not imply (necessarily) organizational learning. Both structure and culture affect this learning. The author's experience transforming the already mentioned university, over a number of years, is at the core of his presentation. The author uses techniques from variety engineering [Espejo & Reyes 2011] to show how organizational learning needs a requisite structure to happen. At the same time, he illustrates how learning loops contribute to the viability of a project.
ISSN: 978-161284488-6
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