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Title: Logistics management in cotton agro-industry sector of Tolima region in Colombia
Authors: Tovar-Perilla, Nelson
Bermeo-Andrade, Helga Patricia
Keywords: Best practices
Colombian agro-industry chains
SCOR model
Issue Date: 22-May-2011
Publisher: 61st Annual IIE Conference and Expo Proceedings
Citation: Tovar-Perilla, N. J., & Bermeo-Andrade, H. P. (2011). Logistics management in cotton agro-industry sector of Tolima region in Colombia. Papel presentado en 61st Annual Conference and Expo of the Institute of Industrial Engineers, Reno, NV, Estados Unidos.
Abstract: Market evolution has made it harder for companies to meet consumers' needs in the global context of economy, communications and business. This fact has transformed logistics activity as a key factor for competitiveness of any productive chain, particularly for agro-industrial chains. The appropriation and adoption of engineering and technological tools to support logistics management is increasingly a potential source of improvement in productivity and competitiveness, since they help to generate solutions at three decision levels: strategic, tactical and operational. In this article we study the cotton chain and its derivatives, in Tolima region, which is one of the main agro-industrial chains of one of the most traditional agricultural regions in Colombia. Considering the best practices defined by the SCOR1 reference model, we study and characterize the tools that support logistics work into representative companies of each link of the analyzed chains. The results suggest the absence in some cases, or limited use in some others, of the recommended tools for effective logistics operation along supply chains.
ISSN: 000-2011
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