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Title: A Unified Multimode Control of a DC–DC Interlinking Converter Integrated into a Hybrid Microgrid
Authors: López-Santos, Oswaldo
Aldana-Rodríguez, Yeison Alejandro
García, Germain
Martínez-Salamero, Luis
Keywords: Hybrid microgrids
DC–DC bidirectional converter
Interlinking DC–DC converter
Didirectional power flow
Issue Date: 8-Nov-2019
Publisher: Electronics
Citation: López-Santos, O.; Aldana-Rodríguez, Y.A.; Garcia, G.; Martínez-Salamero, L. A Unified Multimode Control of a DC–DC Interlinking Converter Integrated into a Hybrid Microgrid. Electronics 2019, 8, 1314.
Abstract: DC–DC interlinking converters (ILCs) allow bidirectional energy exchange between DC buses of different voltage levels in microgrids. This paper introduces a multimode control approach of a half-bridge DC–DC converter interlinking an extra-low-voltage DC (ELVDC) bus of 48 VDC and a low-voltage DC (LVDC) bus of 240 VDC within a hybrid microgrid. By using the proposed control, the converter can transfer power between the buses when the other converters regulate them, or it can ensure the voltage regulation of one of the buses, this originating from its three operation modes. The proposed control scheme is very simple and provides a uniform system response despite the dependence of the converter dynamic on the operating point and the selected mode. Simulation and experimental results validated the theoretical development and demonstrated the usefulness of the proposed scheme
ISSN: 2079-9292
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