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Título : Modeling and experimental validation of the vibration in an unbalance multi-stage rotor
Autor : Araque De Los Ríos, Óscar Javier
Cruz, Wilmar
Arzola, Nelson
Palabras clave : Rotor dynamics
critical speed
lateral vibration
finite element analysis
Fecha de publicación : 19-sep-2019
Editorial : Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Sciences
Citación : Araque De Los Ríos, O. J., Cruz, W., & Arzola, N. (2019). Modeling and experimental validation of the vibration in an unbalance multi-stage rotor. Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Sciences, 13(3), 5703. [13(3), 2019]. https://doi.org/10.15282/jmes.13.3.2019.30.0456
Resumen : This work proposes a finite element method model to predict lateral vibration phenomena arising in the multi-stage rotor (seven stages) with unbalance, including damping and gyroscopic effects. The rotor dynamic analysis includes mathematical and experimental determination of the first and second critical speeds of the rotor and the assessment of the effects induced by the different unbalance combinations. The results show that while considering the unbalance effects in the impellers, critical speeds move to lower frequencies compared to normal conditions when the rotor is properly balanced. Finally, the results obtained analytically achieved a good degree of correspondence with experimental validation tests.
URI : https://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12313/1643
ISSN : 2231-8380
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