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    “Diagnostico financiero de la empresa Cooperativa de Transportadores del Norte del Tolima Ltda. – Cootransnorte de los años 2015-2017”
    (Universidad de Ibagué., 2019) Romero Rondón, María Fernanda; Gutiérrez Rodríguez, Alejandro Javier
    The present document seeks to make a strategic diagnosis for the cooperative transport company of the north of Tolima Ltda, in order to develop recommendations that contribute to creating value for the company. Its main activity is the transport of passengers by road in the country, which efficiently provides the optimal service for users. To meet this objective, the financial and historical statements will be analyzed and a diagnosis will be made through financial indicators so that recommendations can be made to their financial policies and thus we can support the management of the company.
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    Reestructuración y direccionamiento estratégico organizacional de la razón comercial Almacén y Sastrería Jacinto Varón
    (Universidad de Ibagué., 2019) Varón Devia, Paola Alejandra; Granada García, Eliana Fernanda
    This research was accomplished with the purpose of design an ideal strategic plan for Inversiones Javar Ltda. Company, it knows traditionally as Warehouse and Tailoring Jacinto Varón, which allows to have an addressing more competitive opposite the large national marks that is find into market. An investigation was performed about state of art of the tailoring to national level and international, therefore, all the information was collected about strengths, threats, opportunities and weaknesses of the company and it was carried out the observation of national marks recognized of this kind of business model, consecutive, to analysis of project viability; for this reason, the first step was assessing initial investment needed to increase productivity and likewise to achieve more competitive in the market. Furthermore, the financial statements were projected to five years based on the year 2018, additionally the management indicators were found throughout the profitability indicator and the market share indicator, in order to verify the project viability. Finally, the legal process was performed in the face of Cámara de Comercio of Ibagué city of the Jacinto Varón mark for the protection of distinctive signs and Goodwill. Hence, the register of a mark awards to the company sole right to prevent that third parties market identic products or similar with the same mark or using a mark so similar that it can creating confusion in similar terms to the distinctive signs.
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    Diagnóstico empresarial y plan de mejoramiento de la empresa Ziru’s Pizza Ibagué
    (Universidad de Ibagué., 2019) Hernández Jaimes, Johann Sebastián; Díaz, Javier Eduardo
    The purpose of this research is to carry out a business diagnosis together with an Improvement Plan for Ziru's Pizza Ibagué, in order to detect in which areas it has opportunities, weaknesses and strengths, and to apply efficient and innovative strategies that help to improve and obtain excellent results in a business and labor field with difficult development conditions. This project has an analytical and argumentative approach with which the author intends to collect all the information from each of the areas of Ziru's Pizza Ibagué, through the Business Diagnostic Module prepared by Professor Paula Lorena Rodríguez Ferro in order to develop a document that allows knowing the information that should be improved in the company. The franchise in the Tolima capital has almost 5 years of experience, in which the joint franchisee has managed to remain in the local market even though no previous market studies were carried out. This led to an "uncertain decision" in whose "practice - error" was the administrative model in its early periods. In addition, the investigation revealed the shortcomings in the areas that make up this franchise.
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    Aproximación al valor económico agregado para el municipio de Ibagué
    (Universidad de Ibagué., 2019) Barón Borda, Nini Johanna; Esquivel Barrios, Luis Carlos
    The present research work aims to show the application of the Economic Value Added (EVA®) in public sector organizations, under the project entitled "Estimation of the Economic Value Added for the Municipality of Ibague", in whose calculation and analysis financial tools of the private sector, with the objective of demonstrating how it is possible to apply them in the public sector, through the application of the value generation model, as well as the analysis of the financial statements to the Mayor's Office of the Municipality of Ibague. This work consists of three chapters. Chapter one, entitled “EVA and Value Inductors”, emphasizes the importance of the application of EVA in public organizations, in addition, it identifies the role of citizens in the conception of the value model in organizations and describes the steps to the application of the value generation model proposed by Oscar León Garcia. In Chapter Two, entitled “Financial Statements”, the horizontal and vertical analysis of the financial statements of the Ibague Mayor's Office is carried out, where it intends to show the variation of the financial structure and explains the reasons for its economic growth. And finally in chapter three, entitled “EVA value generation model”, here the value inductors proposed in chapter one are applied to the Mayor's Office of the Municipality of Ibague, such as: EBITDA, EBITDA margin, Productivity of working capital, Debt / EBITDA ratio and others, finally the calculation of the EVA by two different methods.
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    Base de datos para la gestión de los trabajos de grado del programa de Administración Financiera de la Universidad de Ibagué
    (Universidad de Ibagué., 2019) Ospina Chavarro, Daniel David; Trilleros Gómez, Jairo
    This research was carried out taking into account the lack of a database which compiles the degree work carried out in the last ten years to opt for the title of financial administrator, which will serve as a tool for decision-making versus acceptance and / or continuity of the work that has been carried out for the financial administration program of the University of Ibagué, since the databases are of great importance today as they constitute a valuable tool for the storage and processing of information . They are also easily accessible, efficient, timely and accurate. The databases can be considered as secondary sources, since they are the key to take us to the original source.