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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02-18Biosystem Analysis of the Hypoxia Inducible Domain Family Member 2A: Implications in Cancer BiologySalazar, Celia; Yañez, Osvaldo; Elorza, Alvaro E.; Cortés, Natalie; García-Beltrán, Olimpo; Tiznado, William; Ruiz, Lina María
2019-04-03Carbon rings decorated with group 14 elements: new aromatic clusters containing planar tetracoordinate carbonYañez, Osvaldo; Vásquez-Espinal, Alejandro; Báez-Grez, Rodrigo; Rabanal-León, Walter A.; Osorio, Edison; Ruiz, Lina; Tiznado, William
2021-04-22Coumarin-Chalcone Hybrids as Inhibitors of MAO-B: Biological Activity and In Silico StudiesMoya-Alvarado, Guillermo; Yañez, Osvaldo; Morales, Nicole; González-González, Angélica; Areche, Carlos; Núñez, Marco Tulio; Fierro, Angélica; García Beltrán, Olimpo
2019-07-09Exploring the Potential Energy Surface of Trimetallic Deltahedral Zintl Ions: Lowest-Energy [Sn6Ge2Bi]3– and [(Sn6Ge2Bi)2]4– StructuresBáez-Grez, Rodrigo; Garza, Jorge; Vásquez-Espinal, Alejandro; Osorio, Edison; Rabanal-León, Walter A.; Yañez, Osvaldo; Tiznado, William
2021-02-08In Silico Study of Coumarins and Quinolines Derivatives as Potent Inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 Main ProteaseYañez, Osvaldo; Osorio, Manuel Isaías; Uriarte, Eugenio; Areche, Carlos; Tiznado, William; Pérez-Donoso, José M.; García-Beltrán, Olimpo; González-Nilo, Fernando
2021-01-17Structure–antioxidant activity relationships in boldine and glaucine: a DFT studyVásquez-Espinal, Alejandro; Yañez, Osvaldo; Osorio, Edison; Areche, Carlos; García-Beltrán, Olimpo; Ruiz, Lina M.; Cassels, Bruce K.; Tiznado, William
2021-04-25Theobroma cacao L. compounds: Theoretical study and molecular modeling as inhibitors of main SARS-CoV-2 proteaseYañez, Osvaldo; Osorio, Manuel Isaías; Areche, Carlos; Vasquez-Espinal, Alejandro; Bravo, Jessica; Sandoval-Aldana, Angélica; Pérez-Donoso, José M.; González-Nilo, Fernando; Matos, Maria João; Osorio, Edison; García-Beltrán, Olimpo; Tiznado, William
2019-11-27Theoretical Study of the Antioxidant Activity of Quercetin Oxidation ProductsVásquez-Espinal, Alejandro; Yañez, Osvaldo; Osorio, Edison; Areche, Carlos; García-Beltrán, Olimpo; Ruiz, Lina María; Cassels, Bruce K.; Tiznado, William